• Karine in Mosney

    Karine from SCI France decided to join Emmet from VSI-Ireland and Michael from IVS-GB who were both taking part to the Mosney workcamp In Ireland, to run a joint Peace Messengers session. She tells us about her PM sessions and her impressions.

    On my way back from Mosney*...

    On my way back from Mosney I felt the chance to be able to tell myself: "I am going back to my Country, to my house". But I could not express the same to the Mosney Children... Why? Because even if their today home is Mosney itself, they could not come back to their Country (now... or they will have to... later...), where they lived before, before they flew out to escape economical drawbacks, violence, prejudices or other political issues...

    With volunteers from different countries: Spain, Germany, Sweden, Serbia, England and of course Ireland, we were staying in those barracks you can see from the road towards the Mosney Asylum Seeker Camp Centre, like all those families which have been living here for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 years...

    To be honest, I had the feeling to arrive to a concentration camp... the only difference was that doors and windows were coloured!

    Awareness of what mean the words asylum seekers, refugees and peace, the reason of my coming over to Mosney, a VSI workcamp located in Ireland, near Dublin. Regarding peace awareness, and with Mike (from IVS in UK), we offer to raise awareness on the meaning of peace through the peace barometer and the question was: "Sometimes you have to use violence to achieve peace". Nearly 50/50 to 75% and 25%, only one at the beginning at the 100% position, but two others joined. Discussions went between agreement and disagreement... but all in a peaceful atmosphere.

    Then, we organised a Conflict Time Line discussion. Volunteers had to indicate on their life time line: (1) the first time they experienced a conflict, (2) the first time they felt that somebody was different, (3) the first time they were embarrassed/ashamed of their country and (4) the first time they felt proud of their country. Then volunteers expressed how conflicts (if any!) raised, their feelings about it, and how they could resolve it, if solved!

    All contributed to very personal and intimate expressions. And if I read well the feedbacks, nearly all enjoyed it and felt closer with each other.

    On my side, as usual, plenty of warm feelings of sharing different experiences, felt concern about asylum seekers and felt very ashamed of my country (France) when I heard of the closing of the camp located in the North of France, near Calais. So what? What to do? Signing petitions, considering them in the street, so few and...

    In Mosney, it was great to give a little of my time, a little of my patience, my love, understanding to the Children too. Just because they are kids! And even if troubles are around us, their smile is not too far, starving to laugh more and be together with others to enjoy themselves. It is not much but a little thing.

    Just would like to add that PEACE BE WITH THEM!!!!!!

    *Note: Mosney is an asylum seeker centre located In Ireland, a couple of miles north of Dublin.

    Karine, SCI France

  • ... the only way you can create “peace on earth” is to first create it within yourself. You will find peace -- total peace -- only in accepting and allowing the diversity, and in letting go of your need for sameness. (John Cali)