• Michael's report

    Karine from SCI France decided to join Emmet from VSI-Ireland and Michael from IVS-GB who were both taking part to the Mosney workcamp In Ireland, to run a joint Peace Messengers session.

    Karine discussed conflict and national identity, while I talked about peace dilemmas. The whole thing gave the volunteers a opportunity to discuss these topics in depth and evaluate their views.

    I was reminded of Martin Luther King, the civil rights activist, who was assassinated in the late 1960's in the USA. He had said "freedom is a road seldom travelled by the multitude". I think, for asylum seekers, this quote is particularly relevant. As I write this article many of them were arrested at a make shift tented area near Calais. Their future is now uncertain and they could be sent back to high risk situations.

    I feel the volunteers on the Mosney camp did useful and worthwhile work with a group who often receive a hostile and unfair press. The peace messenger inputs on such camps are very relevant. SCI is about peace, tolerance and social justice, for this group of people such ideas seem to be in very short supply at the current time.

    Michael, IVS-GB

  • Peace is that state in which fear of any kind is unknown. (John Buchan)