• What is a Peace Messenger ?

    SCI is a Peace organisation, but many participants to workcamps are not aware of this, and even among SCI activists it is not always clear what it means to be a Peace organisation.

    This is why at the end of the 90s the concept of Peace Messengers was created: SCI branch activists visiting workcamps to raise awareness on what is peace, what prevents it and what can we do to help building peace, at every level.

    Training seminars and Travelling workcamps were regularly organised since them. In 2008, such a training seminar was organised in Novi Sad, in Serbia; after the seminar, some participants decided to create a network to support each other and promote the Peace Messengers programme and concept.

    Since then, training seminars have been organised, and training tools (in particular the Peace Messengers Handbook) and communication tools developed. A network of Peace Messengers has been created, with activists in Europe, Asia, Latin America and now also in Africa; new Peace Messengers have started programmes in new branches and more and more sessions are organised every year.

    So what do Peace Messengers do? They first go to workcamps, to spread pacifist values and attitudes among workcamp participants; most of the time it has been a very positive experience for Peace Messengers and participants, generating lively discussions sometimes difficult to channel and bringing a new dimension to the workcamp experience. If they feel experienced enough and have time during the year, they can also start activities out of the workcamp: in schools, universities, youth organisations with any group willing to discuss what is peace, what prevents it and what we can do to help building it.

    Do you want to become a Peace Messengers?

    Great! The first step is to contact your branch (click here to find it if you’re not already involved), to see if they run Peace Messengers activities, or if they can support you to start Peace Messengers activities. If you are travelling outside your country, you might want to contact the branch in the country where you are to ask whether they would be interested in hosting a Peace Messengers session on one of their workcamp.

    You can also browse our database to find resource persons: SCI activists who might be able to help you running one of your activities, or provide you with advice.

    And in any case, do not hesitate to contact us: peacemesengers [at] gmail.com

  • Peace is that state in which fear of any kind is unknown. (John Buchan)